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You can't change your past but you can redirect your future.


Paroled 2 Pride is for those who want to transition in corporate America that has been released in the past 6(six) months. The process isn't easy but with determination and time its worth the challenge.  We are glad you found our website. This is the first step towards transitioning.

Paroled2Pride (P2P) will take referrals for non-violent felons (participants) from judicial system which consist of the probation board or officer, judges, and self-referral.  Participants must submit an application that will be reviewed then applicant will be contacted. Upon acceptance in the program assessments will be conducted and participants will begin either classroom training which consist of 30 no less than 15 participants or on the job training if positions are available. Training consist of communication techniques, customer service skills, dress code, how to handle conflicts effectively, company interest of hire and research mission and goals of the company.  Participants are required to volunteer once a month to give back to the community. Training is a three (3) month process depending on the participant and assessments will be provided during the course in order to transition into a capable working environment and also establish continual mental stability. Upon completion participants will receive a certificate through American Hotel Educational Institute which is accredited for the hospitality industry and assistant job placement will begin.  P2P assist with probation and restitution fees, childcare fees, and clothing allowance, that the participant many focus on the program unless given on the job training in which they are paid hourly.

Thanks for applying! A member of our team will reach out soon.

High School Diploma or Equivalent? (REQUIRED!)
Are you on probation? Are you in compliance? (Select ALL that apply.)
Are you willing to take a drug test as required by P2P?
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