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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our Executive Director's brothers and nephew were in and out of prison, and her oldest brother was killed in Attica.

    ​There were NO reentry programs to assist them in returning home productively, and their mother could not find any resources. Their criminal backgrounds kept them from getting employment, housing, or medical assistance.

    God led Sharon Jones to start this program in Mississippi in memory of her mom and brother John Milton Cameron.

  • Participants typically receive training in a corporate environment to expose them to corporate America and build self esteem. This gives them the opportunity to be evaluated based on work ethic, and the chance to build a network through ethics - rather than being judged by their background. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we are currenlty training online. 

  • Participants must be 18 or older to apply and/or qualify.

  • Yes, we provide assistance for 3 months.

  • Not yet! Pridecare2 is coming soon.

  • We are currently located in (and servicing) Mississippi: Golden Triangle Area and Tupelo, Mississippi.

  • Yes, this can be accomplished through building community partnerships. If you are interested in bringing Paroled2Pride to your community in your city/state, we welcome you to contact us via email:

  • We offer job opportunities in all positions within hospitality and factory industries.

  • No. Throughout the program, we advise companies regarding your situation and show them your work ethic by providing accredited certificates received. Your work ethic is also reviewed and displayed to companies using guest surveys/feedback.

  • Training is usually provided in a corporate environment or at the location of a company that is currently hiring.

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