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Our Services

Our comprehensive range of reentry services is designed to empower formerly incarcerated individuals with the tools, support, and opportunities needed to thrive beyond the barriers of reintegration. From job training and financial literacy to relapse prevention and business coaching, we are committed to your success. Take the first step towards a brighter future and apply for our reentry program today.


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Life Skills

Changing Offender Behavior

Money 101

Parenting Inside Out

Stress Management*

Thinking for Change

*referrals will be provided

Job Readiness

Assist With Job Search

Employment training program

Computer education/literacy

Job preparation courses include resume building, mastering applications, job search strategies, interview preparation, workplace culture, appropriate on-the-job behavior and overcoming background hurdles.

Vocational training (on-site and referrals)

*referrals will be provided

Academic Support

College enrollment assistance and referrals

GED preparation


GED testing referral

Literacy services referral

Youth Tutoring


Batterer's Intervention*

Anger and  Stress Management*


Substance Abuse education


Men's group(coming soon)


Relapse Prevention*


UA Testing


Women's group (coming soon)


*referrals will be provided

Men's Group

Ignite your reentry journey with our powerful men's group, connecting formerly incarcerated individuals with community leaders who have successfully reintegrated. Find inspiration, support, and a network of individuals who understand your unique challenges. Together, we'll rewrite the narrative of reentry and empower you to make a lasting impact in your community.

Women's Group

Our women's group unites formerly incarcerated women with inspiring female leaders who have triumphed over adversity during their reentry journey. Discover a supportive sisterhood that understands your experiences and celebrates your growth.

In this empowering space, you'll forge deep connections, engage in meaningful conversations, and receive guidance from women who have walked a similar path to success.

Job Training

If you are in need of job training P2P and our partners will assist you. We are now offering online training with accredited certification via the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute's online learning program. An accredited guest service certification combined with other educational opportunities (provided through our community partnerships) will be a great help to participants when applying for employment.


Whether you have an important interview, a crucial appointment, or a new job waiting, our transportation service is here to ensure you reach your destination promptly and with peace of mind. We understand the significance of being on time, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Business Training

If you're eager to launch your own business and could use a helping hand, look no further! P2P and our esteemed partners are here to support you every step of the way.


With our comprehensive Business Training program, we've got your back as you embark on the exciting path of entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to build and grow a successful business

Financial Management

At P2P, we believe in the transformative power of financial literacy.


Our program is specifically designed to equip formerly incarcerated individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the world of personal finance with confidence and success. We'll empower you to make informed financial decisions, rebuild your financial foundation, and pave the way for a brighter future beyond reentry.

Relapse Prevention

No one at Paroled2Pride wants to see you relapse, or return to habits that aren't healthy. 


Our relapse prevention services are tailored to support formerly incarcerated individuals in maintaining lasting recovery. Through targeted referrals to our trusted community partners, you'll receive expert guidance, personalized strategies, and a strong support network to navigate potential challenges and build a resilient future.

So Much More!

Benefit screening*


Community Service


Family unification events


Graduation ceremonies and events


HIV/STD education and testing*


On-site computer labs


Risk/Need assessments, Academic assessments, Vocational assessments

*referrals will be provided

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