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Reentry Resources

Our website is a one-stop destination, packed with essential information, practical tools, and a directory of resources to empower individuals during the challenging transition from incarceration to reintegration. We are constantly updating this page to add more resources that will be helpful on your reentry journey. If your organization would like to be listed as a resource, contact us at

Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance, Legal Project

(601) 354-9355

The Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance provides assistance to various individual immigration matters except for deportation defense cases.

Mississippi Access to Justice Commission

(601) 960-9581

The Mississippi Access to Justice Commission provides a unified strategy to improve access to justice in civil legal proceedings for people with low income in Mississippi. They also provide legal resources for people representing themselves in court.

El Pueblo

(228) 436-3986

El Pueblo provides low-cost humanitarian and family-based immigration legal services to Mississippi communities.

Mississippi Department of Human Services

(601) 359-4915

The Mississippi Department of Human Services provides assistance to state residents.

Central Southwest Mississippi Services

(601) 948-6752

Central Southwest Mississippi Legal Services provides a variety of legal assistance to low-income individuals and families in Central/South Mississippi.

Disability Rights Mississippi

(601) 968-0600

Disability Rights Mississippi provides legal and advocacy rights to Mississippians with disabilities throughout the state.

Southern Poverty Law Center

(601) 948-8882

The Southern Poverty Law Center provides legal and advocacy rights to the most vulnerable. Questions surrounding specific cases should be made directly to them.

NAACP Mississippi

(601) 353-8452

The NAACP of Mississippi uses advocacy and litigation to build racial equity across institutions. Any questions about filing a discrimination complaint can be found on their website.

Just Advocacy

(601) 941-9388

Just Advocacy is an organization that offers independent advocacy services, facilitated self-advocacy, and resources for people with disabilities and families.

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