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Gainfully Employed and College Enrolled!! Paroled2Pride's Reentry Participant Starts College

It's never too late to rebuild your life and follow your dreams. Not only is our newest participant gainfully employed, she is also starting college!

Paroled2Pride's newest participant is defying statistics by making professional and academic strides. According to the Prison Policy Initiative, of all formerly incarcerated people with in-prison GEDs, less than 10% go on to take any college coursework, and less than 1% attain college degrees. Our goal is to give our participants access to the accredited credentials that they need to compete in the workforce.

We encourage our participants to seek opportunities that will provide them with stability and a sense of self-sufficiency. More than half of formerly incarcerated people hold only a high school diploma or GED — credentials which have diminishing value in today’s job market. Returning citizens deserve a fair chance reestablishing productive lives and experiencing financial stability. Thanks to our sponsors and community partners, we're able to train returning citizens to thrive in any industry.

Education is a source of power that unlocks access to opportunities and social status. Returning citizens have paid their debts to society and should have access to higher education. College credentials help our participants to achieve their career goals, allowing them another chance to take care of themselves and their families.

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