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Paroled2Pride Fights Hunger in Mississippi with Loaves and Fishes

Collaborating with Loaves and Fishes, Paroled2Pride was able to distribute free home cooked meals to members of the community.

Through our amazing partnerships, we’ve been able to collaborate on various efforts like community feedings, voter registration, back to school giveaways and so much more!

In Mississippi over 559, 350 people struggle with hunger, and about 162,150 of them are children*. Our goal is to help combat this issue in our region of Mississippi by collaborating with our beloved non-profit partner Loaves and Fishes in continuous efforts to feed the community. A free hand-prepared meal can relieve the stress of purchasing and preparing meals for individuals, children, and families in need.

If you attended, recommended, or brought a friend to our most recent community feeding at #LoavesAndFishes THANK YOU so much! At Paroled2Pride, we pride ourselves on being of service to others and leading by example in any way we can.

If you or your company would like to collaborate on a community service effort, please CONTACT US to set up a meeting.

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