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Paroled2Pride Hosts Community Conversations with Law Enforcement at 2021 Juneteenth STRONG Event

Our Juneteenth Strong event was held in St. Albans Queens, New York, and featured an impactful conversation between law enforcement and the community.

As you may know, Paroled2Pride's Executive Director is a Queens native with a passion for criminal justice reform. In June, Sharon Jones of Paroled2Pride joined forces with NYPD Community Affairs, Port Authority Police: Bi-state Coalition, MTA, Divas of Hope, Bars, and Hoops, and New York Grand Council of Guardians to host a Juneteenth STRONG event in the community she grew up in.

The event provided a platform for healthy dialogue between community members and law enforcement regarding responsible citizenship, police accountability, and positive interaction between youth and law enforcement. There was free food, a live DJ, a basketball tournament, and a book signing by author LuLu Cameron (board member at Paroled2Pride).

Such an impactful gathering! It is refreshing to know that there are still officers who make a continuous effort to connect with the community. We believe that it is important to embrace these opportunities and establish a balance so that more positive interactions are welcomed. Thanks again to everyone who contributed, donated, and attended. We learned a lot, fellowshipped, empowered the youth, and had a blast!

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