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Paroled2Pride Selected to Receive and Distribute Google Career Certificate Scholarships!

We have recently been selected to receive and distribute Google career certificate scholarships! Our number one priority is to reduce recidivism. This scholarship unlocks many new employment opportunities in the tech. field for our participants. For those with no experience, no worries! These courses will allow you to learn at your own pace completely online and help you stand out to employers.

Google career certificates are hands on programs that are designed to prepare learners for entry level roles in the growing field of IT support. Over the past two years, Grow with Google has built an employer consortium of over 130 employers that are looking to hire those who have completed the career certificates. With that being said, they are constantly growing and looking for candidates to hire.

Formerly incarcerated people face many obstacles when seeking gainful employment, which is why we are eager to have this scholarship to help our participants explore a new realm of professional opportunities. We believe this is a great resource for reducing recidivism and can’t wait to see how this helps launch new careers in our community!

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