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3 Books to Help You Rebuild a Productive Life After Incarceration

Reentering society, family life, and the workforce requires a mindset shift. Here are a few helpful books that provide the information and tools needed to improve your mindset, move on from the past, and build a productive lifestyle.

Jails to Jobs: Seven Steps to Becoming Employed

Getting employed with a criminal background isn't a simple task and this book provides detailed guidance. Whether you are looking to work for others or want to become self employed after incarceration, this book will explain your options and provide you with tips along the way. This book is easy to read and can be very helpful to most returning citizens who are serious about finding a stable job or better yet a career.

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Illegal to Legal: Business Success For (ex) Criminals

This book was created to prove that if you've supported yourself with crime in the past, you can be very successful in a legitimate business by evaluating the lessons from your past and applying them to your future. Illegal to Legal shows how to use your past life experience, your skills, and your passions to start your own business regardless of your criminal background. Practical steps and inspiring real life examples are provided, along with a step by step plan to help you start a business. There also is a list of over 165 businesses you can start – many requiring no money!

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From the Block to the Boardroom

From the Block to the Boardroom is a fascinating autobiography by Tracey Syphax, detailing his journey from hustler to CEO after overcoming many trials and tribulations. This book is a very relatable must read for anyone who needs inspiration after incarceration, and for upcoming entrepreneurs who need insight on maximizing their business goals.

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