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What You Need to Know About Expungement in Mississippi

An Adult criminal record may be expunged in the state of Mississippi for the following:

  • Arrest records where the charges were dropped, dismissed, or resolved through a rehabilitation or pretrial diversion program.

  • Misdemeanor crimes other than those associated with misdemeanor traffic violations.

  • Felony convictions that do not involve violent crimes, distribution of drugs or controlled substances, and serious crimes of the sexual variety.

  • Convictions that appear as a result of a clerical error (e.g., if a criminal defendant was acquitted of the criminal charges at trial).

The state of Mississippi allows for expungement of most misdemeanor offenses and some

felony offenses. The Mississippi Center for Justice is currently assisting individuals seeking an

expungement of their record in all 82 counties of Mississippi. First or second time offenses are

more likely to be expunged due to it not being repetitive.

In order to have a felony conviction to be expunged, all fines and court costs must have

been paid, and your probation or parole should have already ended. Five years after completing the term, you are eligible to petition to expunge your record. The standard filling fee for expungement is under $150 under the state statute, plus the costs of hiring an attorney. You must retain a Mississippi expungement lawyer or attorney and a Petition for Expungement must be filed.

If you are seeking the opportunity to have your record expunged but don't know where to start, reach out to your local reentry program or criminal justice related organizations. There are many community events in Mississippi that focus on helping formerly incarcerated people clear their records and create a fresh start. You deserve to move forward in life without any stigma based on your past mistakes. Contact us today for details on how to begin your reentry journey. Message the chat box on our website, or email us at

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