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Why Small Business Owners Should Hire Formerly Incarcerated People

Running a small business can require you to wear many hats. You might be doing executive work one day, completing smaller tasks the next day, running your social media, showing up to networking events, and so much more. Wouldn't it be nice to take some of that weight off your shoulders? Delegate your tasks for a good cause! Hire formerly incarcerated people. Working with small businesses can give returning citizens the chance to learn new career skills and expose them to the inner workings of modern business ownership.

Approximately 45% of formerly incarcerated people remain jobless 1 year after leaving

prison. Gaining employment is one of the toughest challenges that they may face when transitioning back into society. Many larger companies skip over returning citizens' job applications due to a their history and that is unfair. However, small businesses may

have more control over who they’d consider hiring regardless of their background.

Having a job is an essential part of rebuilding a productive life. For the 70 million Americans with a criminal record, there are thousands of legal barriers to employment. One important reason small businesses should hire formerly incarcerated people is because they have a better chance at gaining an employee who is less likely to quit. These individuals

are ready and willing to work, often taking advantage of opportunities that present stability because of their limited job options.

By hiring formerly incarcerated people, small business owners can help reduce recidivism in their communities. Returning citizens are people with families and loved ones just like many of us and they deserve the same opportunities. Hiring a person who has experienced incarceration would be a great chance to gain a hardworking employee, as well as positively impacting someone’s life.

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