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3 Simple Tactics for Anger Management in the Workplace

Anger management after incarceration can be a complex skill to learn. At Paroled2Pride, we work with our participants on the soft skills needed to replace old habits with new conflict resolution and communication skills.

Transitioning into workplace culture can be challenging after incarceration. If you have trouble managing your anger, here are a few helpful tactics that might make your workdays easier to deal with.


When something or someone at your job triggers anger or negative emotions within you, try to evaluate why you feel so upset. When you can identify what bothers you, it can be much easier to mentally plan ahead and manage your responses.


We've all needed a moment alone to breathe, reset, and give ourselves a pep talk. When you're having a hard time managing your anger, or you notice the warning signs of a blowup, take a "bathroom break" and prepare yourself to finish the workday.


If there are work-appropriate items like a journal/notebook, headphones, a book, tea, etc. that can help you to calm down easily -keep them at work! This way, the next time you feel triggered, you can calm yourself down in a way that isn't disruptive to the workplace.

We hope that these are helpful! If you are a returning citizen who needs assistance with anger management, CLICK HERE for Reentry Resources related to Mental Health.

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