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Paroled2Pride's Executive Director Featured in HBO MAX Documentary on Small Towns in America

Our Towns is a documentary that highlights the social and economic shifts that are taking place in small towns across America. Paroled2Pride's Executive Director Mrs. Sharon Jones was featured in this impactful project as a representative of our beloved Columbus Mississippi area. Sharon has worked for years to create a solid network of local resources for returning citizens to experience a successful transition back into the workforce, family life, and the community after incarceration. Mrs. Jones is not only an Extraordinary leader on our team but she’s also valued by Mississippians in communities near and far.

Our Towns provides a clear picture of America and how the rise of civic and economic reinvention is transforming small cities and towns across the country. Based on journalists James and Deborah Fallows' book Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America, the film spotlights local initiatives and explores how a sense of community and common language of change can help people and towns find a different path to the future.

We are so proud of Mrs. Jones for her continued efforts to raise awareness for our community's needs. Recidivism reduction is an issue that impacts small towns and big cities in America every second of every day. Check out the official Our Towns trailer here:

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