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Mentorship And

Life Skills Coaching

Our reentry program's community mentorship and life skills trainings provide essential support to formerly incarcerated individuals. Through our mentorship program, participants receive guidance from experienced mentors who understand their unique challenges. Additionally, our life skills trainings equip them with practical tools for success, ranging from job readiness to financial literacy. Together, we empower formerly incarcerated individuals to rebuild their lives and contribute to their communities.

Accredited Career Training Courses

Paroled2Pride assists those released from incarceration with a new life through gainful employment opportunities. Our organization bridges the gap between corporate America, the judicial system,  and formerly incarcerated people by using an accredited job training  curriculum. The curriculum is geared toward helping participants successfully transition back to their families, communities, and society with a sense of purpose and an understanding of their rights after incarceration.

Job Readiness

And Placement

We take great pride in our job placement services, which are designed to help formerly incarcerated individuals secure gainful employment and cultivate long-term professional growth. We have established strong partnerships with businesses within the community that share our commitment to inclusivity and do not discriminate based on background. Through these partnerships, we connect program participants with meaningful job opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations.

Guiding Your Reentry Journey From Process To Perfection

Helping formerly incarcerated people secure employment through purposeful, hands-on training and unconditional support.

We're Reducing Recidivism One Person At A Time

Our mission is to improve the communities we serve by reducing recidivism while identifying the need of those that were formerly incarcerated. Providing moral support, job training, and placement.  


Our vision is to change the Reentry process by providing tools needed for personal development career readiness with successful accredited strategies to secure employment one participant at a time.

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Our Valued Community Partners



Job Training Hours

We've provided over 2500 hours of accredited career training and job readiness coaching to formerly incarcerated people.


Volunteer Hours

Through community partnerships, our participants have donated over 1,750 hours of volunteering in the community.


Life Coaching Hours

Our team and community partners have provided over 800 hours of life skills coaching to formerly incarcerated people.


Hospitality Jobs

In partnership with Best Western, we've helped 176 formerly incarcerated people secure employment in the hospitality industry.

Our Impact In Numbers

 Through our comprehensive initiatives and dedicated support, we strive to make a measurable difference in each participant's journey towards successful reentry. If you're interested in fueling our mission to reduce recidivism, we'd love to have your  support as a volunteer, sponsor, or community partner.

Participant Success Stories

We're beyond proud of our participants and their accomplishments, both personally and professionally. We truly appreciate the community's support on each participant's journey.

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