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3 Reasons to Become a Community Partner with Paroled2Pride

Your company's support could help us to Reduce Recidivism one person at a time. Here are three reasons to become our community partner:


By partnering with Paroled2Pride, you can help us to provide our participants with the resources to become self-sufficient. Many of our participants are parents who have the responsibility of being financial providers immediately after being released from incarceration. By providing our participants with employment, you're giving them another chance to take care of themselves and their families.


Volunteerism is essential to a successful reentry journey! It gives our participants the opportunity to build self-esteem while making a valuable contribution to their community.

When you partner with Paroled2Pride, you provide our participants with a new network of meaningful community connections - welcoming them back into the community and encouraging their involvement.


Employment helps formerly incarcerated people gain economic stability after release and reduces the likelihood that they return to prison, promoting greater public safety to the benefit of everyone. But despite the overwhelming benefits of employment, people who have been to prison are largely shut out of the labor market. When you support reentry programs like Paroled2Pride, you're assisting our participants with career-readiness essentials such as professional clothing, work uniforms, proper identification documents, driver's licenses, and more! We also assist with restitution and probation fees.

Be the change you want to see in your community!! Your company's support could help us to reduce recidivism one person at a time. CLICK HERE to contact us about partnership opportunities.

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