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3 Tips for Job Hunting with a Criminal Background

Getting a job after incarceration can be challenging. Many employers perform a series of checks before hiring individuals with a criminal background. Here's how to make the process of job hunting with a criminal background a little less stressful.

Get help with your resume.

A criminal record shouldn't stop you from pursuing a stable job with a livable wage. The first step is getting your resume updated. Need some help? It's great to get a fresh perspective on your resume before submitting it to potential employers. Ask a loved one with a stable job, a probation/parole officer, or a team member at your local reentry program to review your resume and give you constructive feedback. Ask for a detailed a review of your resume's appearance and content, and their prediction of an employer's first impression.

Run a background check on yourself.

If you're worried about what's going to show up on your background check, take a proactive approach and evaluate it yourself first. Running a criminal background report on yourself prior to seeking employment can help you to prepare for any questions that may be asked during the on-boarding process, and can give you clarity on which opportunities that you are eligible to apply for. Remember to check for errors on your report. Background check companies often overlook errors on your criminal background report such as mismatching people with similar names, reporting arrests without stating that no charges were filed, revealing sealed or expunged information, listing single charges multiple times, or misclassifying misdemeanors as felonies.

Attend local expungement events.

Many community advocates and nonprofit organizations host local expungement events where local citizens can learn more about having your criminal record expunged. These events are often free of charge, and offer opportunities for attendees to receive insight from professionals regarding improving or revising your criminal background.

There is a good-paying job out there for you. We know it! With these tips and a positive interviewing experience, we hope that you're able to find stable employment regardless of your criminal background. Good luck on your job search!

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