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A Family Transition: Business Ownership After Incarceration

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Establishing a culture of entrepreneurship and self-driven motivation within their family, the Camerons have found ways to introduce financial independence into their upcoming generations.

(Pictured: Lawrence "L8NYTE" Cameron - cryptocurrency entrepreneur, owner of Exclusive Eye Wear. - Nephew of our Executive Director, Sharon Cameron-Jones.)

Societal statistics often highlight the negative outcomes related to those who have currently, or previously, incarcerated family members. However, several members of the Queens-rooted Cameron family have taken their re-entry journey and turned it into profitable and sustainable opportunities to bring generational wealth into their lineage.

Our Executive Director has often mentioned that she started Paroled2Pride as an effort to help her family members rebuild their lives after frequent incarceration due to a lack of local reentry resources. Her nephew, Lawrence "L8NYTE" Cameron has carried out her efforts by becoming a successful entrepreneur despite his background and experiences with law enforcement.

Although L8NYTE is a former felon, he has not allowed societal expectations for previously incarcerated Black Men to limit him from opening and maintaining various profitable tech. ventures. Lawrence Cameron is also founder of Brooklyn's very own Exclusive Eye Wear which has introduced innovation into the eyewear industry with customization techniques and dedication to a stellar customer service experience.

Mr. Cameron is a shining example of the fact that no matter what happens in previous generations of your family, and regardless of your incarceration experience, self-employment and ownership are attainable.

To learn more about L8NYTE and his insight on Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Aragon, Tim Draper and Executive Order 13772 check out this informative discussion:

For more information on Lawrence "L8NYTE" Cameron's Exclusive Eye Wear, watch him explain to you what the business means to him:

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