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Community Counseling is Essential to a Positive Reentry Journey!

Congratulations to Ms. Echo, one of our newest participants! She has recently completed community counseling.

Community counseling is a very important resource during the reentry journey. Through our community connections, we are able to refer our participants to some of the best local entities to help them live life as the best versions of themselves. The Pines and Cady Hill Recovery Center is an Alcohol and Drug Treatment facility set in the heart of historic downtown Columbus, Mississippi. They support individuals with co-occurring disorders by providing quality therapeutic and psychoeducational services to assist people in making healthy choices necessary to lead stable, productive, and autonomous lives. We are thankful that our Columbus community has access to such an impactful resource.

Even as an adult, it can be frustrating to deal with the complexities of life on your own. Many people feel helpless or stressed while transitioning back into society, and it’s perfectly fine to ask for help. Community counselors help with empowering people in the community. They hold good leadership and communication skills, and can offer guidance to those in need of support.

We are so excited to be a part Ms. Echo's reentry journey and look forward to seeing what greatness she brings to her community!

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