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Re-Entering Society with a New Outlook on Life! Paroled2Pride Teaches Soft Skills and Self Control

Our participants are earning accredited credentials, experiencing personal development, and learning the soft skills required to successfully re-enter the workforce.

Our participant Ms. Young had many challenges to overcome at the start of the program. She struggled with handling stressful situations in a logical, non-confrontational way. Life experiences coupled with the harsh culture of incarceration can cause individuals to develop communication patterns that are hard to break. At Paroled2Pride, our accredited career training helps participants to learn solution-oriented communication skills that can help them to deescalate tense conversations at home and in the workplace.

Defensive reactions while communicating can also stem from anxiety and PTSD more than anger or malice. Sometimes if a person isn't aware of why they feel compelled to react explosively, they may not understand how to recognize or prevent this kind of response. Our community partnerships give us the opportunity to provide reputable referrals and resources to participants who need behavioral health intervention.

Today Ms. Young is gainfully employed and providing stellar customer service!! She is using her soft skills, operating the computer with more confidence, and brings a delightful smile into the workplace. That’s the power of effective reentry programs. Here's her perspective on what she’s learned while enrolled at Paroled2Pride (Video Below). Congrats again Ms. Young! We are beyond proud of you.

Watch Paroled2Pride Participant describe how the program has helped her to re-enter society with a new outlook on life:

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