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Get Access to Health Insurance After Incarceration - Here's How

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

We understand that not every returning citizen is coming home to the resources necessary for a healthy and productive life. Paroled2Pride is here to bridge that gap!

Many people are released from prison with untreated illnesses and injuries that may need additional attention upon returning to their homelife and/or the workforce. Unfortunately, not every local government has resources in place to medically assist a population who is often expected to return to a productive life without a fair chance to acquire necessities like housing, employment, and healthcare.

We have located a solution that can help recently incarcerated citizens to get health insurance up to 60 days after being released. It may be possible to accomplish this for those who have been out longer, so we welcome all who are interested to contact via telephone at (225) 478-1572.

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